Fuego nuevo offers you the consolidation cargo services. We offer all the services you need to hire a consolidation cargo company.

These are the points we cover:



1. We realize all the arrangement of a consolidate exportation requires.

  • Handling of loading & storage: taking over to coordinate the reception, storage and all handling in the warehouse, also, inside of the container, we oversee the loading and the handling of the boxes.

2.  We do the logistics with no charge.

  • Search the best freight quotes with serious and professional shipping companies, with freight collect services, you are who decide the best option.
  • Giving the instructions to the shipping company, with the details that the container requires. All the especifications
  • Making the schedule of the shipment.

3. We can handle your orders:

  • You give to us your orders copy
  • Contacting to your suppliers, and trace how is going your order
  • Normally, the supplier ask the 50% of his order, we cover that 50%, but first you have to realize a wire transfer of the 100% to cover the supplier payments. Our policy with the suppliers is to make a downpayment when you made the order and the rest when we receive all the items in the warehouse, that's is to have a control of the orders, and for your protection
  • Overseeing the items are in perfect condition when arrive to our warehouse.
  • Taking care the suppliers respect the qty and delivery date.
  • Check the packing is safe enough to protect the item, if it isn´t, we reject it.
  • We are in continuous contact, sending reports of how is going your order.
  • Making the packing list, were we classify the items, by supplier, no. Of box/bulk, we marks the boxes by suppler, to have a control, is easier for you at the moment to check the merchandise.
  • Controlling of the payments, we send you the voucher signed by the suppliers with amount we pay.



4. Making all the customs step of origin side:

  • To send invoice of our company, where there are included all the items that you bought to the providers.
  • Proceed the origin certificated, fumigation certificate (just, if you need it), bill of lading, (in case of maritime freight)
  • Packing list (description, weight, qty,).
  •  Delivery original documents: (bill of lading, original invoices, origin certificated, fumigation certificate (just, if you need it)

5. We care, you receive your items on time.

For all this things, we are your best option to representant here in mexico. We are professional.


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